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New Hope Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Dedicated to the treatment of adults and adolescents affected with alcohol, drug and gambling addiction.

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New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care is dedicated to the treatment of adults and adolescents affected by substance use, gambling and other co-occurring mental health disorders.

Using a unique combination of advanced clinical support and highly personalized services, our mission is restore each individual to a full and rewarding lifestyle, free from destructive substances, compulsions and influences.

If you, or a loved one have an addiction problem, no doubt you have many questions. Please visit our ‘FAQ’ page to get more information on the treatment of substance use disorders and compulsive gambling. If you are wondering how to pay for treatment services, read our ‘Financing Your Recovery‘ page. From the ‘Assess Your Problem’ page, you may take a brief assessment to help you decide if you are ready to connect with New Hope’s counselors. The addiction assessment is confidential and produces a report for your personal use or to share with a healthcare provider of your choice.

Most importantly, browse our ‘Stories of Recovery’ and hope. When you make the decision to free your life from addiction, New Hope will be here for you as well.

If you have additional questions about alcohol or drug addiction or compulsive gambling treatment and recovery, please feel free to call or ‘Contact Us’.


A Meditation Garden
Dedicated to Recovery

Here for you today,
and for others you will help along the way

New Hope IBHC and our Board of Trustees would like to begin development of a Meditation Garden.
We are excited about creating this space of calm for clients and staff to enjoy the outdoors.
We can’t do it alone. We will need your help.

Learn more

Please consider making a donation this Giving Tuesday.
All donations are appreciated no matter the size.

Meditation Garden Concept