80 Conover Rd.
Marlboro, NJ 07746

48 Hour IDRC Program – Client Guide

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Please note client information for check-in at the 48 Hour IDRC Program provided below.

All clothing must be stored in clear plastic bags and is subject to staff search. You may be subject to an alcohol and drug test. Any positive result may prohibit your entry to the program. Only bring enough clothing for 48 hours.

Do not bring any of the following items: Electronic devices or valuables as we cannot be responsible for personal items.

Bedding and towels will be provided but you need to bring your own toiletries. Any items entering the building must be alcohol free and must have the manufactures seal affixed. No aerosol cans are permitted. We reserve the right to bar any item from entry if deemed inappropriate.

If you are on prescribed medications, they must be in their original prescription bottle. All medications (prescription and over the counter) are to be given staff during admission. Staff will dispense your medication in accordance with the instructions on the prescription bottle. Any CDS medication is subject to a pill count. If you are diabetic you need to bring your own testing device and supplies. Any chronic medical conditions must be identified during the initial phone screen.

Please review the Therapeutic Agreement or Acuerdo Terapéutico

Dress Code:

While attending the program clients are asked to wear clothing that is clean and neat.

The clothing worn shall not be provocative, nor suggest inappropriate behavior, ie: suggestive of sex, drug use, violence, gang related or defamation of any group.

As a guide the following items are viewed as inappropriate:

Pajama pants, tube tops, tank tops, sheer tops, halter tops, short-shorts, bathing tops, cut off shorts, slogan shirts, faded/ ripped jeans, sport logos, gang colors, any clothing that promotes alcohol and/or drug use

The staff has the authority to enforce this dress code.