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Addiction Patients Threatened by Power Outage

As many as 260 patients faced potential dislocation when the July 22nd storm interrupted crucial infrastructure supporting the New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care and Discovery Institute facilities in Marlboro. The impact was minimized when Rich Herrero and the team at The New Jersey Department of Treasury acted quickly to repair the systems on adjacent state property that were damaged; Treasury’s ongoing support has been crucial to our operations. JCP&L was also called in to coordinate with Treasury on the repair lines in heavily wooded terrain to bring power back to the complex.

Senator Declan O’Scanlon and Beau Huch, the Senator’s Legislative Director expressed their concerns that lives may be lost if treatment is delayed for New Jersey residents in need. This sentiment was also expressed by Sheriff Shaun Golden and Mike Oppeguard, the Director of Monmouth County’s Office of Emergency Management. They assured Senator O’Scanlon’s office that they were prepared to step in with resources if the situation deteriorated. Senator Joseph Vitale also contacted us to offer an open line of communication and support if his office could help in any way.

We are humbled by the sincere caring and support for our mission and patients that was expressed during this time of need. And, on behalf of our current and future patients, and all of our employees and clinicians.

Thank you to everyone.