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Coordinated Care

When your patient is experiencing a substance use problem, we can have the conversation that you might not have time for.

The benefits of coordinated care for patients with substance use and c-morbid mental health problems are well established. In fact, at New Hope IBHC, we find that our best outcomes result from a meaningful collaboration and regular communication with other healthcare providers.

Coordinated Care

With that goal in mind, we encourage you to invite patients who may be struggling with a substance use problem to take a validated assessment on our website, or schedule a confidential, no obligation conversation with one of our clinicians. As a Partner in Caring, we can have the assessment faxed directly to your office. Of course, we can also speak with you personally about your patients care.

We would be happy to send you referral cards for your patients. Simply fill out this form and they'll be on the way.

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