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Support New Hope

Fighting for those affected by addiction, one person at a time, sometimes seems overwhelming even to us. But while working with active addiction is a tough business, the potential benefits are far greater.
You see, recovery doesn’t just heal the individual, it heals families, creates good parents, valuable employees, and role models for future generations. It instills a certain “magic” in the recovered person, which enables and inspires him or her to help another and, perhaps, many others move into recovery… to become, as our theme of commitment states, my brother’s keeper.
We welcome and rely on your financial and volunteer support to help us continue to advance our important work.

Other ways to donate to New Hope include Amazon Smiles and Investor’s Bank Care2Share program.  Neither cost you anything.  You just need to include us as your charity.  They are simple…Click below to go to Amazon Smiles and choose New Hope as your charity.  For Investor’s Care2Share CLICK HERE.