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Ed’s story

addiction and recovery“Deep down I knew I had a problem but I guess I just wasn’t ready to quit using alcohol. For years I told myself I could handle the problem myself, but things only got worse. Increasingly, drinking was affecting my family, my job and my self- esteem, but even then I couldn’t come to grips with the idea of going into treatment. I worried about what my fiends and family would think, about losing my job and how to handle the cost.

“That’s when I found New Hope. When I explained my situation the first thing they told me was that getting the help I needed could be far less disruptive than I imagined and that residential treatment wasn’t my only option.

“The treatment plan they designed involved a coordinated set of programs and activities… outpatient, weekends, individual and group therapy. I have to admit that while I was relieved, I was also skeptical. But now, seven years into my recovery, I have my full life back. Thank God New Hope believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself.”