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Family Group

Distressed over a friend or loved one with a substance use problem?  Take advantage of this New Hope IBHC workshop.

Join us at our free workshop for families and loved ones

Space is limited so call the access center at 732-946-3030 Option 3 or register below online NOW!

Tuesday, November 19
Time: 5-8 pm
New Hope IBHC Outpatient Services
2-2 Monmouth Ave.
Freehold, NJ 07728

The workshop is designed to help you:

  • Move to begin reducing, or eliminating unwanted behaviors;
  • Move them toward and to actually engage in the help they need;
  • Improve the effectiveness of your communications; and,
  • Reduce the turmoil and stress that is interrupting life for you, family and friends.

This workshop is based on a research supported strategy that has demonstrated:

  • Unmotivated problem drinkers and drug users can become motivated to change in a positive direction;
  • Concerned significant others can be particularly effective in helping loved ones become motivated toward change and treatment;
  • You and your families functioning can improve in the process; and,
  • No other process has proven more successful in getting substance users to engage in treatment.