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Family Support

Families deserve care too! Join New Hope IBHC for Family Education

Distressed over a friend or loved one with a substance use problem?

Family members and loved ones of those with substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders often experience turmoil of their own. 

Family Education is designed to help families:

  • Minimize stress and increase positive lifestyles for all family members
  • Help your loved one reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors
  • Support your loved one during treatment in effective ways
  • Learn new skills to deal with substance use disorders that may be affecting your family and/or relationships

This service is FREE for family members and can be arranged at any of our locations.

Call for more information:

Marlboro – Adult Services 732-946-3030 Ext 2317
Marlboro – Adolescent Services 732-946-3030 Ext 2414
New Brunswick – 732-946-3030 Ext 6013
Freehold – 732-946-3030 Ext 6013
Asbury Park – 732-946-3030 Ext 8010
Long Branch – 732-946-3030 Ext 8010