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Meditation Garden

A Meditation Garden… Dedicated to Recovery

Here for you today, and for others you will help along the way


New Hope IBHC and our Board of Trustees are planning the development of a Meditation Garden. We are excited about creating this space of calm for clients and staff to enjoy the outdoors. 

The idea and purpose of the Meditation Garden is to provide a space for clients, family and staff to be outside in nature and enjoy the beauty and peace of stillness. Much of modern life is full of noise and the distraction of outside objects begging our senses for attention. We all know how modern technology with cell phones and other devices is constantly nagging at our consciousness to attend to trivial matters. The purpose of this Meditation Garden is to allow clients and staff a refuge and escape from these pulls of attention and provide a healthy oasis of natural surroundings to help encourage and promote self-reflection and self-awareness. To be quiet and look within maybe the greatest form of prayer. In its simplicity, it is often overlooked.

In the time of Covid, more than ever, it’s important to have a place to be outside to be still or spend time with peers and counselors. Natural settings have great healing powers and the pandemic has brought great stresses on our population. Many have further turned to alcohol and drugs to cope. The Meditation Garden is the beginning of an effort to calm anxieties and promote healing.

Planning is in the works.  We have identified a little used area on our campus and we hope to begin installation in the spring of 2022.

We are asking for your help to fund this project. We will be raising money for this project in various ways. We will soon have items that can be purchased, such as memorial or family benches as well as other recognition or memorial items to be included in the garden.  Renderings for our project were donated by architect Andy Trocchia. 

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