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Mothers and Children at Epiphany House Thankful for New Playground!

Sister Mary Mason and Lynne Noel who help to coordinate mother and child care at Epiphany are grateful! “Our mom’s and children as well as staff members and volunteers are overwhelming grateful for the new playground.” And, resident moms registered also their appreciation: “Now I have a place to play with my children and have fun with them; my daughter loves to play outside and I know she’ll be safe; (and), my son loves to play in the sandbox and now there’s one for him to play in!”

The Board of trustees, staff members and volunteers are thankful for the generous support provided by the Gannett Foundation and TSB Landscaping of Manasquan, NJ that made the renovation of this playground possible, as well as to the Gannett employee volunteers who provided much of the labor for the project.

Epiphany House provides halfway home services specifically designed for women in Long Branch, NJ and for women and women with dependent children in Asbury Park, NJ. These settings provide safe and stable living environments where those new to sobriety receive valuable support in the development of the recovery and coping skills needed to complete their reintegration into the community, family and workplace. Individualized assistance helps ensure specific pre-determined medical, psychiatric, vocational, parenting and educational goals are met.

These programs are only partially funded by limited state and county resources and thus rely heavily on donations to insure women and women with children receive all of the care that they need to secure their recovery and a productive future for them and their children.

You can help fill a growing gap between the cost of providing high quality care and the small reimbursements we receive by making your own tax deductible contribution.

Epiphany House is part of New Hope Foundation, a Monmouth County non-profit (501 [c] [3]) corporation that strives to ensure that each dollar you donate is spent effectively and efficiently to provide those we serve with the highest quality, state-of-the-art addiction treatment services.

You can find out more about the New Hope Foundation and Epiphany House, and make your donation on line at or send your donation to support Epiphany House or any of our other programs to the address below.

Thank you for your support.

Contact: Dr. Tony Comerford


The New Hope Foundation

80 Conover Road

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