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NHF Receives Greater Monmouth Chamber Circle of Excellence Award in the Non-Profit Sector

We are honored to receive the Greater Monmouth Chamber of Commerce’s Circle of Excellence Award. New Hope is always striving to meet the varied needs of our community and we are pleased to be recognized by the Chamber for our work.

From its meager beginnings as a day-program treating male alcoholics on the grounds of the Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital, New Hope Foundation has grown to be one of the largest and most comprehensive addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder treatment organizations in the State. New Hope provides Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Accredited and New Jersey licensed care for adults and adolescents in inpatient, residential and outpatient settings. Treatment plans are drawn from a full range of therapies to insure for a thorough and flexible approach to delivering care in quantities and combinations that specifically meet the needs of individual clients.

This insures that clients receive the specific Medical, Psychiatric, Psychological, Counseling, Family and adjunct services called for to begin or sustain a meaningful recovery. New Hope stays abreast of new and promising practices for consideration and recognizes the role that the many advances in pharmaceutical adjuncts can play in support of an early and ongoing recovery. New Hope also periodically works with university and other study partners in the completion of meaningful research targeted at improving addiction treatment outcomes.

New Hope is recognized for its state of the art care, is contracted with major health insurance providers and offers other options so that clients can afford to pay the reasonable fees charged for high quality care. New Hope is also dedicated to serving those most in need with the least ability to pay and private citizens, businesses and organizations, from both the private and public sector, help to support this indigent mission. New Hope is “Dedicated to Success in Recovery” and was blessed with the resources to help more than 4,000 in need begin their journey in recovery in the last year. For more information please browse our website or contact us at (732) 946-3030.