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New Hope receives FIDELIS Charitable Foundation gift to support unfunded care

Kenneth Schwartz, the Chairman of the Fidelis Charitable Foundation and Dealer Principle at World Jeep Subaru in Eatontown announced that Fidelis was making a $17,000. donation to New Hope Foundation. Mr Schwartz reported that “…this is to continue the Fidelis Charitable Foundation’s ongoing support for the many necessary and unfunded medical, psychiatric and other services that New Hope provides to clients who do not have the resources to pay for care that is called for.” Dr. Tony Comerford, New Hope’s CEO stated that “New Hope is finding it ever more difficult to provide for these unfunded services because of increases in overall costs; the Fidelis gift will make it possible to provide many with that specialty care that will improve their ability to embrace recovery and a full and productive life in society.”

New Hope Foundation is a non-profit [501(c)(3)] corporation dedicated to the treatment of those in need with the least ability to pay for the treatment that will help them to begin their recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction and compulsive gambling. Over its 30+year history, the Foundation has become a symbol for self-renewal for the many who have been rescued and this past year we were blessed with the resources to help more than 5,000 to begin their journey in recovery.

You can add your support for New Hope’s mission to care for those in need with the least ability to pay by calling (732) 946-3030 X 226 or 240, or make a donation on line at