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NJAMHAA Visible Impact Award Presented to Dr. Comerford

Debra Wentz, CEO of NJAMHAA, noted:

NJAMHAA award“It is nice to know you could always count on Dr. Anthony Comerford to attend meetings with other organizations and policymakers to provide NJAMHAA with the benefit of his leadership and expertise in governance, as well as substance use treatment and mental health care.  Almost professorial, Anthony always brings sophistication to his leadership and enhances NJAMHAA’s position by his presence.

Anthony creates an equally profound impact at his organization, New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care, for which he has served as president Anthony Comerfordand CEO for more than 30 years. Throughout his tenure, he has created and strengthened numerous programs to enable individuals to overcome substance use, gambling and mental health disorders. Under his leadership, New Hope also offers training for individuals to earn graduate equivalency diplomas and workshops to help individuals whose loved ones have substance use disorders.  Anthony is truly a visionary with a determined focus on empowering youth and adults to recover from addictions, mental illnesses and co-occurring disorders and to discover and achieve their full potential.

I am honored to recognize Dr. Anthony Comerford with the Visible Impact Recognition Award.”

New Hope IBHC is honored to call him our own!