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Financing Your Recovery

We are proud that New Hope is able to charge reasonable fees for the high quality services it delivers. In addition to accepting private payment, we contract with most major managed care organizations (HMOs, PPOs) and insurance plans. Federal, State and County governments have also contracted with New Hope for a variety of services. Our screening and intake counselors will help you determine your covered insurance or HMO benefits, or if you qualify for grant funding or any of the sliding fee scale programs that are available.

The Cost of Treatment

At New Hope Integrated Behavioral Health Care we charge reasonable rates for the high quality care that is actually called for as opposed to delivering a “one size fits all program.” As this is the case the total cost of treatment will vary dependent upon an individual’s actual treatment needs. Please contact one of our financial counselors 1-800-705-HOPE (4673) Option 3, for help with estimating out of pocket costs of care and payment arrangements.

Health Insurance and Managed Care

Health insurance and managed care decisions may differ from our treatment recommendations and your desire for continued care. Your insurance coverage may pay for all or a portion of recommended treatment and may be subject to copay and deductibles that you will be responsible for. In all cases our financial counselors and clinical team will help your decision making by providing manageable options for planning your move into recovery. Please contact 1-800-705-HOPE (4673) Option 3 with financial questions.

The Human Resources Department at the company you work at or your insurer may also be helpful in answering questions about benefits and care authorization policies. Keep in mind that having a policy benefit does not necessarily insure eligibility for care and having authorization for admission does not guarantee payment by an insurance company.

The daily fees for detoxification and intensive residential treatment include room and board, physician (to include psychiatry where called for) and nursing services, individual, family and group therapy, and psycho education. There may be additional costs related to some psychiatric and psychological services and medications may be billed separately to you or your insurance plan if they are not covered under contract with an insurer.

Grant Funded Services

If you are not insured, you may qualify for one of the many grant funded programs that New Hope has been able to make available. Our financial counselors at 1-800-705-HOPE, Option 3, will be able to answer questions regarding grant availability and eligibility requirements.

The important thing to remember is that we will work with you and your circumstances toward getting you the care that you need. It’s a team effort and you’re the most important part of the team. We look forward to hearing from you.